Riot Fest

Hey this is Bre and I’m reporting to you about my weekend at  Riot Fest. If you are into alternative,  metal and/or pop punk genres of music, Riot Fest would definitely be a festival you can enjoy.  Sept. 2014 19-21st, Sports Authority Field held Riot Fest, for the second time ever in Colorado, in the ginormous parking lot. A three-day show of, not only 4 stages of music for you to enjoy, playing from 12pm-12am, but they also have tons of booths, food, activities and great people! Maybe you aren’t one for a three-day festival, they also have two-day and one day passes, both general and VIP.

Some booths you could shop for jewelry and art, others had band shirts/pullover sweatshirts and Riot Fest apparel and one booth even had henna tattoos(temporary tattoos).  For the henna tattoo’s, you gave an artist a price you wanted to pay, an idea and a location, and they would work with that to make something spectacular. Many of the booths had awesome deals such as two rings for $10, two hat pins for $15 and many more! I thankfully was able to resist spending all my money, but I did purchase a band shirt for myself to remember the moment. They also had a ton of activities to do as well throughout the days of Riot Fest. My friends and I played a quick 20-30 min. game of Riot Putt, which is exactly what it sounds like, Putt Putt Golf at Riot Fest! It was $5 per person, 9 holes, and each hole was different and unique with some kind of challenging  obstacle.


20140920_212515 20140920_211922

I’ve never seen designs like them before: The very first hole was a slice of pepperoni pizza, and the pepperoni pieces spun making it difficult and then another hole was an open shark mouth with obstacles.

IMG_20140921_132339 1140

They also encourage you to take many pictures and post them on social media with a hashtag “#RiotPutt” for you to enter a chance to win a free three-day pass for Riot Fest 2015! They also had a mini carnival going on with prize-winning games and classic rides like the Ferris wheel, the Zipper and the Avalanche; but they re-named the “Avalanche” as “Moby Dick”.  They also had a magic show playing during the day, that I unfortunately did not get to witness, but heard many great things about it. Throughout the festival I met tons of nice, generous people and I also encountered rude and aggressive people in the mosh pit, and I also got to talk to a few people about their adventures and experiences on their journey to colorful Colorado just to be at the festival.


All in all, if this sounded like a thing for you and your friends, I suggest checking it out and maybe even planning for next years, 2015  Riot Fest. Location and dates will not be released til next year and the line up will not be announced at the same time.  You can keep up to date by checking their website:  You could even check out this event in another state; maybe even tell family and friends, that would be interested, to check it out as well. Enjoy!


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