Movie Weekend

This time I am going to be talking to you about the exciting things to do for you couch potatoes out there, with my top two movies I have seen this month. First, off my favorite that I saw was When The Game Stands Tall. For all you football enthusiast out there it has the action that you love to see. In my opinion great for kids with a message all about getting up when you are down and the importance of family and the “brotherhood” of the football team.  Quiet the tear jerker for the woman out there so it’s not all a guy’s movie. The movie in my opinion was okay for kids and has a great message, but it does have a PG rating. Go check it out at


The second film that I am going to talk about is Dolphin Tale  2. The movie  follows the a few years after the first movie. When the dolphin that Winter first bonded with after losing  her tail after becoming ensnared in a crab trap. The death of Panama, an elderly dolphin who was both the companion and surrogate mother to Winter, has left the younger dolphin despondent and uncooperative. The main characters in the movie must find another dolphin for winter to pair with. Dolphin Tale 2 is a great movie to take the kids to with a PG rating. Go check it out at

Poster for Dolphin Tale 2

Everyone have  a great weekend!

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