Restaurant Review: Pollo Rico

Hey guys, it’s Eli. I am going to be reviewing Pollo Rico, a slightly ghetto restaurant on Federal. As I stated earlier on my “tacos” post, there are some awesome Mexican restaurants along Federal. The more ghetto the better; you want to be in danger of getting mugged while ordering your food. Now, I’m joking of course. Pollo Rico has all the western attributes, good food, and okay prices.

Pollo Rico is a little chicken place just a few stores down from Tacos Junior, my favorite taco joint. Both of these glorious restaurants are located in the same strip mall. I’m not sure if “restaurant” is even an appropriate title. “Joint” is probably a better term. Even though we’re in Colorado, I’m not talking about that kind of joint.

Let’s jump into the food, shall we?

Before I walked in, I was expecting the works: tacos, burritos, tortas, and maybe some other typical comida. However, the menu was modestly simple: dark chicken, white chicken, chicken for two, and a few other options that I can’t recall.

I ordered the dark chicken meal and a drink which came to over $10. Not a bargain by any means, but you will be hard pressed to find some good pollo otherwise.

The meal was what I would describe as “sloppy”, just how I like it. Fair portions of beans and rice, which did the job. Several tortillas along with tubs of onion, salsa, and the works. The actual chicken was delicious; flavorful and greasy. Altogether a great satisfying meal. Nothing hits the spot like a nice plate of pollo.

That was my review for this week. Check back for new reviews on real Mexican food in the Denver area!


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