Dog Sled Tours

We all know that when we think about Colorado, everyone’s mind automatically thinks about skiing and snowboarding. Though maybe you are the type of person that when you go skiing you spend more time on your butt then you do on your skis. Then this activity is right up your alley! Less likely chance you will spend all of your time falling down. Take in the views of Colorado that we all know and love on your very own wooden dog sled. Typically the dog sled teams will run from mid-November until mid-April, this all will depend on the conditions throughout the state. One of the companies here offering dog sled tours is Durango Dog Ranch. The owners Gretchen and Gregg have been doing dog sled tours for over 20 years. Depending on what you are planning to do they have different packages. They have hourly trips beginning December 13th 9-4, Thursday through Sunday. That package cost $ 156 per sled, (two adults or 350lbs ONLY or one adult and 2 SMALL children). They have a half day package in the San Juan Mountains for $350 per sled (2 adults or 350lbs per sled). The ride is about 3-4 hours and look at their calendar page for availability. The last package is Mush Madness which is a full day they say about a 7 hour trip. It is $595 per sled (1 adult with a guide). Website says you must be in good physical condition because you will be running with the dogs.

For more information go to or call 970/259/0694


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