Glenwood Springs

If you’re ever feeling like you need a few day get away to the mountains to enjoy a nice hike, maybe camping and sitting and relaxing in the hot springs, I might have just the plan for you.  Glenwood Colorado is located in the mountains off of exit 116 from  I-70, its about 3 hours from Littleton Colorado. On the way up there, if you leave early enough and enjoy hiking, you pass this beautiful hiking place called hanging lake, and it got its name because of the lake that sits at the top of your mountain hike! The whole hike up you are guided by a stream going down the mountain with many picture perfect stops along the way. Once at the top you can see the beauty right way as you look in the lake and can see the bottom from how clear it is, never been contaminated by humans, with waterfalls off in the corner that you can get closer too. You can also continue to hike and get a birds eye view of the lake from on top of the waterfalls.


After all that and you are in Glenwood you can easily get a hotel to stay in for a couple days or there are numerous locations to camp up on the mountain, just about 20-25 minutes out of town. Out by the camping grounds are quite a few good fishing locations as well if that sounds like an activity for you and your adventure group.  Glenwood is also known for its notorious hot springs. Located closer to the highway, you know you are getting close to this paradise because the smell of “rotting eggs” or sulfur will fill your nose. Once in there you will see they have two huge pools: One is an actual pool with lap lanes, slides, diving boards and general area to hang and then hot spring pool, which has a hotter and hot sides. For a small fee of, I believe $0.75 you can sit on this little chair in the springs and turn on jets from behind the chair, they have little row of these chairs on the hot side. The “hotter” side has a stronger smell of sulfur and many people do not stay on that side for long, walking back and forth between the two to give yourself a good work out too!



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