Unlikely Review: Chipotle?

Hi, it’s Eli. Today I’m reviewing an unlikely adversary: Chipotle Mexican Grill. While I don’t consider this fast-casual giant to be a Mexican restaurant at all, or a grill for that matter, I was pleasantly surprised with my first visit to Chipotle.

I generally stay as far away from faux-Mexican restaurants as possible because they suck. With Chipotle, however, you can get a tasty meal for just 7 bucks – and more food than you can probably stomach.

The trick is this: Ask for six corn tortillas. Order a burrito bowl, chicken, and ask for extra rice. The server will instinctively give you more meat because there is more rice. Then, get as many of the extra condiments as possible. Ask for a water cup instead of a drink. My result was an extremely generous heap of Mexican ingredients, more than I could really eat. The authentic “Mexican” flavor isn’t there, and the flavor doesn’t really pop at all. Luckily, Chipotle supplies tabasco sauce and lemons, which I highly recommend. Additionally, I had some Cholua packets in my backpack that I save for emergencies.

I’m not complaining. Ever since I watched “The Chipotle Loophole” by Banana Stew Productions, I have been granted a new perspective on fast food dining. This restaurant definitely goes in my top 5 chain places for value, and it’s not bad Mexican food for a fast-casual place. It definitely beats the hell out of Taco Bell, Qudoba, Taco John’s or frankly any other fast-Mexican place I have eaten at. While the flavor and salsa varieties could be greater, Chipotle is definitely a joint I will be returning to.




The Chipotle Loophole:


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