Polish Ambassador

Friday Oct. 18th, me and my friends went to Aspen, CO. to see a two hour long concert from the Polish Ambassador. The concert was at the Belly Up a small basement like venue. Literally, when we first walked in we had to go down a set of stairs that lead to the small venue the help maybe 300 at the most! That’s what it felt like at least. The Polish Ambassador went to school out here in CO. and is known for his electronic-reggae music and his bright yellow jumpsuit with a blue chest pocket that he wears for every show. The drive to Aspen was long 4 hours from Littleton, but the scenery was beautiful. Specially when we got in Aspen.

The concert started at 10 P.M. and ended at midnight. Along with him he had his visual artist, liminus, on with him and he really made the show come to life. After the concert there were plenty of hotels to stay at near by, so we rested up for the night, and made the long drive home early the next A.M.. So if you ever need a get away Aspen is a beautiful place to go to, and you just never know when the Polish Ambassador might be back to the enjoy the scenery too!


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