The Unsinkable Molly Brown

Looking for a great event to go out to? Whether you are looking for an event to take the family to or a great date night event this is just for you. The Denver Center for Performing Arts is putting on The Unsinkable Molly Brown. The play will be running until next Sunday on October 26, the show times are on their website. This show has an amazing cast, who played the characters great. My person favorites were the guy who played Aruther and the woman who played Molly and JJ Browns maid. They both played there characters to full extent and where SO FUNNY! The costumes for the show were amazing to the effect if the play. The costumes had also fit for the time period so it makes it that much more real to you. The show does have a lot of the same events that were shown in the movie. Although if you are the type of person that wants the play to be almost exactly the same as the movie or the real story, you may not enjoy this play. The play does incorporate parts of the movie to the play but the play does have some of the events out of order. Or they have some events that were never even correct from the true story of Molly Brown.

Ticket prices will vary depending on where you are sitting in the theater, the tickets may run you up to $66.00 apiece. For more information go to

Enjoy the show!



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