Adventure Unlimited Camps- Buena Vista Colorado

Adventure Unlimited is a religious camp that runs through most of summer. Thee camps have many different activities to do daily. I am going to talk a little bit about my favorite activity at this camp. Polocrosse. Polocrosse is a sport similar to polo but it originated in Australia. For the past ten years I have been learning how to play this sport (its tougher than it looks). Adventure unlimited is home to several horses who have earned awards at competitions. Outside of this wonderful sport, there are so many great outdoor activities to participate in such as; backpacking, mountain biking, photography, rafting, kayaking, cattle working, rock climbing, and even a theater camp. An alternative- non-religious camp that is held during the colder months is 100-Elk program, they do much of the same activities but less religion based.

IMG_5094  IMG_3492DSCN0698


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