Cielo Mexican Restaurant

This past weekend I recently went to Cielo Mexican Restaurant. It is the only restaurant in Denver that is over the water. Now I am going to review this restaurant in my opinion, I am not a food critic in anyway so take this at your own risk. When you come to the restaurant you can see right off the bat that the view is amazing, you have the option (if the weather is okay) to sit out on the deck eating, watching the ducks and geese on the water. We had gone early in the morning, though normally from what I have heard from different reviews on different websites and the restaurants pictures online, they have lights on the outside of the restaurant. When you sit down to read the menu it can be a little confusing and the menu is out of order. Normally when you look at a menu, specifically in a Mexican restaurant that I have been too they will have the Mexican food and if they serve traditional American food it will be all together. Cielo had the Mexican food and the American food all mixed together with no real semblance of order. The average price of the items on the menu was anywhere from 7 to about 14. When we received our food though we were happy to play that price. The portion sizes that we received were large and fit the amount of money that you were paying and even exceed that. You can even order off the A La Carte menu and receive a good amount of money. For more information go to .


One thought on “Cielo Mexican Restaurant

  1. The way in which you describe the restaurant makes it sound amazing. Being honest with you I actually looked it up and hopes of going some day soon. The restaurant sounds like a great place to simply have a nice and relaxed dinner and by the looks of it, it seems like a beautiful place to enjoy a meal.
    -Vanessa Andrade Martinez


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