Nature Review: Weaver Park

Along Pierce St. in Littleton, there are several large parks with a bounty of nature and facilities. They really are hidden gems. I frequent them weekly and rarely see people. They are really only populated during dusk, dawn, and weekends if the weather permits. There are tons of these little parks, or nature reserves as I like to call them, speckled around Littleton. Now, I’m not going to tell you about all of them because I don’t want the spazoids to catch wind, ya dig?

Readers, you are so lucky that I am going to reveal to you one of the best parks in this area: Weaver Park. Weaver Park runs along Weaver St. (no surprise there), and extends across Pierce. I have not explored the side North of Pierce, so it may go by a different name.

The park is basically just a long stretch of land stemming off a paved bike path. There is a playground, volleyball court, benches, Ramada, and tennis court. The tennis court is reversed for members of the nearby subdivision unless you climb the fence. (I do not recommend, as it is 10 feet tall and electric)

Douglas Creek additionally runs through this park making for great scenery and lush vegetation. Or craw-fishing, if that’s your thing. These parks are really beautiful and it’s almost a shame that they are less-known. Weaver Park is great because one can experience the great outdoors without even hopping in a car, depending on how far you live. If you are interested in checking the park out, just turn onto Weaver along Pierce and drive all the way down. Have a great week!


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