Horsetooth Reservoir

Maybe you’re looking for a day long hiking trip, or a near bye camp-by-a-lake get away weekend. Well if you are, and like boating, fishing, camping and hiking then Horsetooth Reservoir is a place you should check out. Its about an hour and 30 minutes from Littleton, and lies about a mile and a half away from CSU in Fort Collins.

Horsetooth Reservoir is dog friendly, and have RV and trailer hook ups for water, as well as locations to pitch a tent or two. The camp sites surround the lake, so each camp site has a beach to play on, but they usually aren’t like your typical beach. Some are just completely mud and others are rocky with boulders . But you can fish right in front of your campsite, and let your dog(s) roam free along the beach!

The few times I have been there, even during the hottest time of the year, the water was ice cold; Which feels good in the hot sun, for awhile. But I’m sure the dogs enjoy it more and you’d probably have a better time just staying in the boat and boating around, enjoying the air and scenery, or fishing in all the little coves, and/or even out in the open water. There were also plenty of trails to walk/run along and many big boulders to climb and jump around on.


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