How I Walk to the Forest in the Suburbs

Sup noobs, it’s Eli. I live in the suburban cesspool of Littleton near Clement Park. Clement is nice, but there aren’t really any secluded areas. If there are, the ground will be riddled with cigarette butts, iced tea cans, and possibly Middle School stoners. Since I’m smart, I navigate to smaller parks that are lush with nature, secluded, and secretive.

Near my house there are a few in particular that I enjoy attending. To name a few, Weaver Park, Leawood Park, Raccoon Park and Hamilton Park. These parks are easily accessible and surrounded by large houses. Although they are easy to get to, the only people that frequent them are the ones that live nearby. Therefore, these parks have no trash, no belligerent teens, and no one messing with you.

Hamilton Park in particular is not refined with trails, benches, or anything really. There is just tons of brush and trees to enjoy. All of the greenery is nourished by Douglas Creek that runs through the park. That’s the same creek in Weaver Park. These parks are right by each other and are only separated by a road.

Raccoon Park is a little harder to find, but makes for a magnificent quick walk. All it is is a cement trail that follows a creek. It’s a great place to take your dog, go for a quick jog, or smoke a cigar. The linear park is somewhat short, but off of the trail there is thick bush and trees to just relax and picnic under.


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