Manitou Springs

Manitou Springs is an awesome, cozy, little mountain town, about an hour away and twenty minutes away from the town of Littleton and few exists after Colorado Springs and Garden of the Gods. It is famous for having the Cog Light Rail that takes you up to Pikes Peak, a trail you can hike yourself to the top of Pikes Peak and the challenging incline.

The Cog Light Rail Station has a little cafe, and a little gift shop to shop at for friends and family.  The trail to take to the top of Pikes Peak, can be driven on, so you can drive up about 3,000 ft. and hike the rest!n Or if you’re a hardcore hiker start from the bottom! If you’re a hardcore hiker you might also want to check out the incline. Right before you start your descend up, there is a gift shop with drink, snacks and gift shop; most of the shirts and mugs say “I survived the incline” which is a statement I cannot say myself. The inlcine is only about a mile long but about 2,000 ft incline, and let me tell you, the higher you go the harder it is to breath and the steeper the steps get. As of right now the incline is under reconstruction, possibly to make the steps up the incline safer, but will be open in December and yes everything is open in the winter!

The town its self has 7 mineral spring fountains all around in different areas of the town, all can be drank out of, although a lot of them tasted like metal and is surrounded by some type of art work. They have multiple gift shops and art shops, restaurant’s and bistro’s, even hemp shops and oxygen bars.  The people are friendly and inviting, the food was great and the mountain air just made all that much better.  So if your a hardcore hiker, want a new way to workout, a family trip to the top of pikes peak or just a get away to a friendly mountain town, Manitou Springs should be a place to stop for you.


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