Venue Review: Denver Coliseum

Hey y’all, it’s Eli. This Tuesday I saw Slipknot and Korn with my bro Jake at the Denver Coliseum. It was epic. I had heard of this place many times, but this was my first time. Now, I’ve only been to a few venues for metal concerts like this, but this one was definitely the best.


When I entered, it wasn’t cluttered. This is probably because we missed the first band and most of the people were already there. The line to enter wasn’t long either, which was great because of the sub-zero temperatures outside.

It was easy to get to the floor (mosh4lyfe) and the staff was friendly. At other venues I’ve been at, the staff seemed to have some sort of an authority-complex. The food and drinks were overpriced, but that is to be expected of any venue. I had to get cups with lids that didn’t fit, so that was annoying. The entire experience was definitely worth it in every way.

Down on the floor, it wasn’t too crowded that there wasn’t enough room to mosh.


Unless you were too close to the front of the stage, there was room to move around.

The stage was epic. There were escalating drum sets on either side of the stage, fire that shot up at the back, and a giant light-up goat head as the centerpiece. It was pretty metal.

At the end of the show, I exited the venue with ease. We arrived at our car and were able to drive out with no problems. All in all, the night was epic, and this was one of my favorite shows in my favorite venues so far.


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