Skating at Evergreen Lake- Evergreen Colorado

Hello everyone! With winter making its first appearances I thought that talking about a fun winter activity would be appropriate. Ice skating has been one of the best winter and holiday activities in my book since I was a little kid. Skating in an arena is much fun if you like controlled climate and ice rinks. For that a cool place with great service would be South Suburban Parks and Recreations Ice Rink. But, if you want a much more outdoorsy experience try the Evergreen Lake. It is so much bigger than a tiny indoor rink and there are even separate rinks for small kids and hockey players. This is a family oriented place with a friendly feel. Inside of the lake house there is a refreshment stand and a rental stand. These are both staffed with extremely friendly people who want to help you.

A special program that is one of my personal favorites is the New Years Skate. The lake is staffed with supervisors until after midnight on new years eve! This is a fun activity to do with family, friends, or even that special someone.

Over all I give an enormous thumbs up to the Evergreen Lake. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


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